Tips for setting up a trade show booth

You’re all ready for the big launch at your trade show of choice. It’s time to introduce your product and make people feel as if they need it in their lives. You got the advertising down and have spread the message across, you’ve double-checked product quality… but will you have the right booth for the job?

Success or failure often come down to simple things– more often than we’d like, in fact, as these are the things that get overlooked the most. All the advertising and word-spreading won’t do a lot if your booth looks bland, boring and uninspiring once the tradeshow starts. It’s not enough that your product looks good – you need to create an environment that accentuates it and captures the attention of everyone in the vicinity.

Working on the design of your trade show booth

Your trade show booth needs to be done in a way that first captures the attention of those passing by and then diverts it to the actual product. Consequently, you’ll need a booth that looks flashy but not so flashy that it overshadows the product – tricky, but doable when you’re working with the right people.

In fact, having a professional designer help you with your booth might make all the difference in the world. It seems a bit trivial at first – hiring a designer for one booth on one tradeshow? But don’t underestimate the power that a single exposition could have.

If you’re displaying expensive Oriental rugs, you’ll need to create the right ambient around them that will get people in a dreamy state of thinking what the rug would look like in their homes. Creative lighting, appropriate surrounding colors, the proper way of hanging the rug – all will play a role in bringing out its best angle.

Depending on the type of rug or rugs you’re displaying, you might be able to style the entire booth according to a specific time in history. Out-of-time locations are great at capturing attention and getting people’s imaginations running wild. If your Oriental rugs have different colors and knotting/weaving styles, you’ll have to work harder to get that perfect environment, making a pro designer all the more important to have.

The trade show booth presentation itself

Another thing that gets overlooked by those setting up their trade show booths are employees and their approach. Even if you’re presenting the Oriental rug on your own, you’ll need the right approach to truly get people interested in it. An Oriental rug is an exclusive item and its sellers need to act the part – you might have noticed that all the top sellers of luxury items have a certain aura of nonchalance to them, as if they don’t really care whether you buy the product or not because people are clamoring to get it.

Of course, if your employees are handling the booth, things get even more difficult (especially if you’re absent). Pick only the employees that really give off that feeling of loving what they do – ones that won’t look bored and uninterested at any point of the tradeshow, even many hours into it. Needless to say, anyone presenting the product should also be a friendly people-person who doesn’t mind answering a series of dull question with a warm smile.

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